Monday, January 23, 2012

Not forgetting....just SUPER busy

Cou Cou!
Hey guys not forgetting you all, I am just super busy. No joke my poor mother probably got an email from me today that was shorter than this. Plan to update you all with lots of info soon, but for now here's the jist:
-France is very different, and awesome.
-Had some serious homesickness recently, but now, LOVING IT here.
-Made lots of new amazing friends, and my courses are challenging, but interesting at the same time. (well most of them, give me some credit I am a teenager...) :)
-My host family is AMAZING, so lucky to have them!
-Have plans with my theater class and friends this week, and I am so excited for them.
-And finally, yes French food IS that good.
Guess that's it for now!
Off to study for my scene in theater tomorrow!

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  1. Don't forget to post some of your amazing photos here. You have followers that aren't your Facebook friends