Sunday, October 9, 2011

Host Family Info!

Hello Again!
So as some of you may know I got my host family information on Monday, October 3rd. I am living with a family in Normandie, France (or Normandy in English). My host parents Noëlle(the mother) and Nicolas (the father) seem incredibly kind and helpful. I will also be living with their children, and my host siblings, Baptiste and Eva. Baptiste is a 4 year old boy and Eva is a 2 year old girl (and they are ADORABLE!). This family seem like the perfect family for me, and I am so excited to speak to them (I plan on e-mailing them for the first time after I am finished with this post). We also have a lot of common interests like biking, hiking, outdoorsy things, and music. I am so lucky to have such a cool host family! For more information, please ask me! I am happy to share more, but I want to make sure I am using good internet safety. :) That's all for now!
A bientôt!

* I also have information about my school and the city I will live in (it seems amazing), feel free to ask!

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